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Each year, the NAHB International Builders’ Show® (IBS) recognizes the outstanding building products and services from exhibiting companies in nine categories with the Best of IBS Awards.

IBS 2024 exhibitors can use this awards portal to enter their products for free.

Best of IBS Awards finalist and winners are selected by an independent judging panel of reporters, building industry professionals and industry consultants. Category finalists are announced before the show and category award winners, including overall Best in Show, will be awarded on the final day of the show, February 29, 2024.

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Best Business Solution Software

Highlights outstanding software products that revolutionize the residential construction industry from a B2B perspective. This category invites software tools that streamline construction processes, enhance design capabilities, optimize project management or improve home automation and smart living. These digital tools are recognized for their innovative features, user-friendliness and their potential to reshape the future of home building and living. The winning product is selected based on its excellence in innovation, impact on the industry, ease of use and value added to both professionals in the industry and homeowners.

Best Energy Efficient Product

Features innovative products that significantly reduce energy consumption, promote sustainable living and help mitigate environmental impact. Products recognize the importance of energy efficiency and celebrate the ingenuity of manufacturers who integrate outstanding performance with environmentally responsible design. The winning product is selected based on its potential to make homes and buildings more energy-efficient, user-friendly and sustainable.

Best Home Technology Product

Acknowledge trailblazing technology products that elevate the home living experience. It recognizes products that seamlessly integrate technology into daily living for improved convenience, comfort and security. The winning entry stands out for its innovation, design, functionality and capacity to offer a significant enhancement to the quality of home living. The Best Home Technology Product is not just about the 'cool factor,' but also the tangible impact it can have on homeowners' lives, whether it's in energy savings, time efficiency or overall lifestyle improvement.

Best Indoor Product

Focuses on highlighting standout products designed to enhance the indoor living experience. Includes a diverse array of products that contribute to the comfort, aesthetics, functionality or efficiency of the indoor environment of a home. The winning product is not only about top-tier design and usability but is about its ability to significantly improve the quality of indoor living spaces. Selected based on its innovation, practicality, aesthetic appeal and value-added to both builders and homeowners, the product is a testament to ingenuity and excellence in indoor living.

Best Kitchen & Bath Product

Honors superior products that bring innovation, style and efficiency and contribute to the functionality, aesthetics and overall user experience in kitchens and bathrooms. The winning product is selected based on its ability to enhance these spaces in terms of practicality, design, innovation and ease of use, providing significant value to both industry professionals and homeowners. The product is a testament to ingenuity, efficiency, and excellence in home design and functionality.

Best Outdoor Product

Recognizes superior products designed to enrich the outdoor living experience. These products not only enhance the aesthetic appeal of outdoor spaces, but also contribute to their functionality, durability and sustainability. The winning product is selected based on its innovative design, practical application, environmental sustainability and the value it adds to both the building industry and homeowners. The product award represents the pinnacle of design, functionality and innovation in the realm of outdoor living.

Best Window & Door Product

Acknowledges superior products that enhance the functionality, aesthetic appeal and energy efficiency of homes through innovative window and door solutions. The winning product is selected based on its innovative design, improved energy performance, aesthetic appeal, durability and the added value it offers to both industry professionals and homeowners. The product signifies the pinnacle of innovation, design and quality in the realm of window and door manufacturing.

Most Innovative Building Material Product

Groundbreaking products changing the face of the residential construction industry and recognize any building material or system that pushes the boundaries of what is possible in construction. The winning product stands out for its ability to redefine standards, improve efficiency or sustainability and provide significant value to the residential construction process. By emphasizing innovation, the product highlights the continual evolution and progress of the building materials industry.

Most Innovative Construction Tool

Highlights revolutionary tools that are reshaping and aid in design, planning or execution in the residential construction industry. The winning product in this category is selected for its novelty, improved efficiency, safety enhancements and overall impact on residential construction processes. The tool embodies groundbreaking design and application and signifies the relentless drive for innovation and progress in the industry.

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